International Communications Group joins Rockwell Collins

International Communications Group (ICG) has been acquired by Rockwell Collins, a pioneer in avionics and communications solutions for commercial and government customers.

With ICG"s latest generation of Iridium® satcom terminals and smart routers now part of Rockwell Collins and its broad range of air-to-ground network solutions, airlines and business jet operators can turn to a single trusted industry leader for a full array of seamless, end-to-end information management solutions.

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•  Product Repairs (including SIM Card replacement for ICS-400 only): Performed at our Wichita Service Center. Phone 316-677-4808 or email Send your units to Rockwell Collins, Inc., 2051 Airport Road, Wichita, KS 67209-1949

•   Rentals, Exchanges, and Loaners: Managed by our 24/7 Global Asset Management (GAM) team. Phone 319-295-4361 or email

•   Technical Support (product capabilities, specifications, operation, etc.): Provided via our 24/7 Customer Support Center (CSC). Phone 319-295-5000 options 1,1 or email

•   New Product Quotes and Order placement: Provided by our Customer Account Administration (CAA) team. Phone 319-263-7000 or email

•   Publications, Software, and Service Parts: Obtained via our 24/7 Customer Response Center (CRC). Phone 319-265-5467 or email

•   Warranty Claims: Processed by our Warranty Administration team. Phone 319-295-5000 options 5,2 or email

•   Training: Requested via our Training Registrar. Phone 319-295-4672 or email

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